Why Choose SoXo Design?

SoXo Design is a rapidly expanding, customer-centric global e-commerce brand that brings unique, illuminating home decor solutions to delighted customers around the world.

SoXo Designs make bold statements of light, framed with original artwork inspired minimalist structures.

At SoXo Design, we believe that light is a foundational element to our life experience. Light can transform and unleash the potential of any space.  SoXo's vision is to provide unique and beautiful illumination solutions that transform spaces, at affordable prices, so everyone has the opportunity to create the mood of their home through the beauty of variable light.

SoXo Commitment

SoXo products are designed and manufactured with the utmost care and concern for our satisfied customers. Your satisfaction is our absolute priority.  Unfortunately, even with the highest attention to quality and customer care, mistakes can happen. Not happy with a recent purchase? Have any questions or need any help?  Contact us and we will do what it takes to ensure you are delighted.

SoXo Customer Experience

The SoXo team is dedicated to providing exception service to our customers. If you need to reach us please email us at customer.care@soxodesign.com or contact us on Facebook.  All emails and queries are responded to within 24-48 hours.